Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dreams. Sometimes I wake up and just think, "HUH?!?!" For those of you who don't dream often, I envy you. I dream. All the time. Even during naps I have dreams but most don't stick with me for any length of time. Others stick, like last nights.

I was out with some friends and somebody asked me when my baby was due. When I looked down I was VERY pregnant. So I went to the calendar to find out my due date. (what?!?) I misread the calendar at first and thought I had only two weeks left, but then realized I was looking at May instead of March. (yeah, ok!) Next thing I knew it was the day I was able to take the Octuplets home. Yes, Octuplets. The rest of the dream was me running around trying to take care of them all and failing miserably. At least that part would have been true.

On a different note, Knight was home yesterday and we did a lot of spring cleaning. The house looks good and now I can just focus on school today. And laundry. It's clean, it's dry. Now it needs to be folded and put away. Ahhhhh Paradise.

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melody said...

Your "paradise" sounds so like mine.

That dream, I wouldn't wish it on you ever...octuplets? You dream big.