Monday, March 12, 2007

I am in that spring cleaning mode. It's not that it's just that time of year so we have to do it. It's that I have been stuck in this house all winter long and have once again decided that we have way too much stuff and the stuff we need or want to keep does not stay in it's assigned place. "A place for everything and everything in it's place". I love that motto. (Those of you that have actually seen my can stop laughing now!)

Our house is not the cleanest, most well organized place on the block. I can find what I need in a very short amount of time so it is pretty well organized. I would love to have it look better all the time but we actually live here. I have kids who are kids. They play, fight, learn, work on projects, lounge, eat, and work in this house. Currently in my living room there is Payday on the floor, a couple books on the coffee table, clean laundry waiting to be folded, blankets, Magnetix, and a purse or two left from counting money. That is just the living room. It doesn't take much for it to look decent but it takes less time to make it look lived in again. Endless cycle.

I do go through my stuff and toss tons on a regular basis but, to be honest it is the books and school stuff that I get hung up with. We have done different curriculums throughout the years. I do look year by year on what the needs are of the kids and try to figure out the best way to go about meeting those needs. But yet I never know when or if we are going to revisit what we did in the past so I don't feel that I can or should get rid of something until all the kids have outgrown it. So here I am with lots of school items, loads of books, but yet I have 5th grade through kindergarten. I will lend people my stuff but I haven't had a whole lot of opportunity to do that. But there is plenty of stuff in my house I would love to get rid of.

So, thanks to Mommy at Helms Deep I have found Freecycle. A place you can advertise things you wish to give away for things you are looking for that others may want to get rid of. No money exchanged, just give and take. I now have a place that maybe someone will take some of the stuff I can't or don't use anymore. I know I can bring to Goodwill, or save it for our church's annual free "garage sale but I want it gone. But I would love to bless others at the same time. So, if you see lots of garbage on my curb, just know that I'm decluttering.

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I'm Toni. said...

When did you tour my house? ;)
You were describing me and my home in every sense of the word. Also, I know that with homeschooling, our homes are waaaaay more "lived in" than others. Example; our kids' playroom is upstairs. They're here ALL day. How many trips do you think they take up and down those stairs in a day? And how many MORE trips do they take than if they would be out of the house for 7 hours each day? Even if it were only one more trip (per child), that's 365 extra trips X 3 children, per year. I'm talking heavy wear, people!

I always shutter when my neighbor (sweet gal that she is) stops by. If she hits it at the right time of day (ie. homeschool done, baby fed, lunch done), my house looks clean (enough). If she comes when tidying is not my priority though (ie. during homeschool), she gets an eyeful of clutter. It drives me nuts because I know that with just 10 minutes' effort, I would have a much more presentable home. Sigh. As you said sooo well, we live here after all.
p.s. I was completely cracking up at your son staring at you to wake you up. Yep, would scare the blivens out of me too.