Thursday, March 29, 2007

*Updated on 5-9 for Real Mom Truths Mothers Day Contest*

Real moms don't create kids, they steer kids

With children you are dealing with different personalities each with different strengths and weaknesses. Learning to enjoy each child for who they are and how Christ made them is so essential. We all need to steer our children toward Christ, and to help them learn and grow, expanding their horizons. What we need not do is try to change them into someone that they are not created to become. Real moms don't compare their children to each other and expect one to be like the other. Real moms see the differences as a great thing because not everyone is used the same way in the kingdom and we rejoice in that truth.

Enter the Real Mom Truths Mothers Day Contest! The winner will receive this amazing 4G iPod Nano and Chocolate gift set, plus a link to their post on True Mom Confessions on Mother's Day


melody said...

"Real moms don't create kids, they steer kids"

Perfectly stated. I love your entire post. Thanks for playing.

Toni (In The Midst...) said...

Okay, I did it. I posted my response. It was a crazy toss up between the answer I gave and this one;
Real moms repair lawn tractors without a manual or a Mr. Fix it.

Oh yeah, baby. I was feeling like a real mom in that moment. Go Toni! Go Toni!

Marie said...

I was tagged by Melody too and I am just checking out her other tag's posts. I love your answer. I think instilling the love of Christ in your children is one of the greatest gifts you can give them! Check out my blog sometime if you like:

lolly said...

That is great, very sweet, and so true!
I did this too (and looking at the list is how I found you):