Thursday, March 15, 2007

I completely don't have inspiration to blog today so I thought I'd put out this get to know me better survey. I found it surfing for inspiration and took out some of the questions. Now I feel like I'm signing up for some dating service or something like that. Hopefully I will be inspired sometime tonight to blog about SOMETHING! If any of those who read this decide to put this on your blog please let me know in the comments and I would love to read your answers.

Birthplace--Brindisi, Italy

Eye Color & Hair Color--Blue eyes, Redish hair

Favorite Animal--Platupus, it shows Gods humor

Favorite Musician--Casting Crowns

Favorite Comedian--Bill Envall

Favorite Food--Pizza type stuff

Favorite Drink--Diet Mountain Dew or Black Tea

Favorite Clothing--Jeans

Favorite Books--Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion Series

Favorite Season--Spring or Summer



Age you got married--18 years, 42 days (oh, how young and foolish!)

Age you had your first kid--19

Have you ever been drunk--Yes (I haven't had a drink in over 10 years though)

Have you ever gotten high--No

Have you ever been arrested--No

Have you ever been in an accident--Yes (the most major was when I was young and broke my collar bone)

Number of Tattoos--0 (but I have designed one that I want but won't get)

Number of Piercings--0 (not even my ears!)

Best physical trait--I would say my hair

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Keri said...

Great blog...but I still think writing about my whistling nose was good inspiration.