Thursday, March 08, 2007

Getting the kids to buckle up has been a struggle since they left the car seat. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I forget to do it all the time. I really don't mean to not buckle up, it's just something I don't think about. Personally I'm against laws mandating seat belt and car seats but I won't go their today. I am not against seat belts so we all try to remind eachother. It also might have something to do with the fact that they have never been in an accident, Thank you Lord, and quoting one of them "I don't plan on ever being in an accident."

Tuesday I wanted to go spend some time hunting the thrift stores. I had tried the night before with Knight. He is not a shopper and was also tired from working so hard for our family. Not a good combination so I gave up for the night. An appointment was canceled that I had and suddenly I had a free afternoon. WooHoo! Goodwill, here we come. Not really thinking about the phone call I got minutes before we left that told me how bad the roads are we hop into the van.

As I'm driving I do notice that the roads are getting a little slippery. I remind the kids to buckle up and tell them that the roads are dangerous.

We hit a couple stores and score some new games. I buy almost all my games at thrift stores because they are so much cheaper and almost always have all the pieces. We have a very well stocked game closet. I find some human anatomy and phsiology study cards (always looking for educational stuff) and I also find a couple new chapter books for the kids. I have a love affair with books. Not as much as I hoped to find but enough to be worth going out.

Driving home I notice a car is in the ditch in the middle of the two highways. I think to myself, "Awww that too bad. They aren't getting out anytime soon. Note to self, slow down even more."

Thats when I notice that I went a little to far to the right and slipped off the road. Not totally but enough to have to have to get over that little crease in the pavement at the white line. I'm not going super fast so no problem, right?

That little move to get us back on sends up spinning and sliding. Thankfully there was no one driving next to us. We were stopped by the snow bank on the side of the highway facing the wrong way. The wonderful gentleman behind us in a pick up watched us slide and then stopped to see that we were all ok. Then he pulled us out of the ditch. I thanked him and sent him on his way so we could drive the wrong way down the shoulder until we hit a driveway to turn around in.

J-Bell is freaked out. All the kids are a little shaken. At least for now. Later on, J-Bird exclaims on the phone to Knight, "Mom spun around on the ice. It was so fun!" Boys!

Last night I forgot to buckle up again and J-Bell askes, "Didn't you learn anything?!?!" Apparently, the kids did.


Jo Girl said...

God has His way of reminding us, doesn't He? And everybody is safe too -- PTL!

Haberman's habits said...

wow that really hits home Thank God you are all safe.

I'm Toni. said...

Goodness. I'm glad you were all okay. I slid off the road once when I was 19. It was winter and my car flew up someone's driveway and stopped LITERALLY 1/4" from hitting their garage. A few people got out to see if I was okay. I looked like such a dork, what with all those hot rollers in my hair and all. Live and learn.

melody said...

Thank goodness you all are unharmed. Uh, listen to the kids.;)