Monday, March 05, 2007

Sorry these photos is blurry but I couldn't get a better one. I was going to post this on Wordless Wednesday but I thought it needed more explanation than that.

In our house we have a lazy fish. I have never seen, nor heard of a lazy fish before but here is proof that they do exist. I took pictures of him lounging in two different places to prove that he is really alive. He didn't care for the flash so he swam away and hid in the fake rock.

This beta can swim, barely. He used to be better at it and something must have happened.

All he does is sit on the bottom of the tank with his head facing toward the top of the tank. His fins are not moving. He just sits there. When you go to feed him he will get up and eat if the food doesn't come right to him but he prefers to have the food go to him.

He has been this way for months. At first we were figuring he is ready for the royal flush treatment but apparently he is just lazy.

I think at times this could only happen in my house, but then I go to other blogs and realize everyone has those quirky things that just make you smile.

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Amber said...

The "royal flush treatment." Too funny. I can't really blame a domestic fish for being lazy. I mean, how exciting could it be to swing around in circles alllll the time? ;-)