Thursday, November 02, 2006

Here is my Thankful Thursday this week. I have decided to list some of my favorite things.

Whoever created eBay is a genius and deserves to be as rich as Bill Gates. Maybe I spend too much time on this wonderful little site and even the word eBay has now become a verb in our house as in "I'm eBaying right now"

Another favorite is my heated mattress pad. This has actually never left my bed since the day it has entered my home. It is nice to rarely crawl into a cold bed (only when I forget to turn it on). My bedroom does not have heat in it so this has let me stay in my room on cold nights.

I am one to always have my candles burning. I don't know what it is about candles but it sure lifts the mood on most days. Right now it is "pumpkin spice" that is on my mantle
Speaking of my mantle--for those who have not seen it here is my fire place. Have a great day.

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Ringmaster said...

Love the fireplace! Also, ebay... oh the time I've spent there! By the way, we won't be at Champs today. Margo is running a temp.