Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Remodel update

Somehow I missed the fact that I have not put an update on the remodel project we were going to do. But as people have asked about it, I am guessing I need to post about it.

We are not going to do it.

Yes it is as simple as that.

I was really hoping it would come in at or under budget.

It didn't.

Not even close enough to push through.

It came in about $15,ooo more than what we really could justify spending.

We live in a very old house. We have a certain amount invested in the house. Actually it is more than what we could sell our house for.

If we did the remodel it would increase the value of the house. But not enough to pay for itself.

So now we are thinking of just insulating the house.

Or driving a semi through it.

*sigh* Oh well. It fits our family. That is what matters, right?

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