Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Twilight Zone

Imagine you are a homeschooling family minding your own business. In fact you are so good at minding your own business that at times you become concerned that your kids may be a little sheltered since most of their friends are christian homeschooling families. People tell you that you have great kids, that they are outgoing, well behaved children but they are concerned that they are not in the world enough.

Now imagine you are at your home on a quiet afternoon when those same sweet children come into the house saying that an acquaintance that you have not talked to or seen in a couple years is out front wanting to talk to Daddy. So Knight goes outside to see what's up.

Now imagine that this acquaintance starts going off about something completely crazy, making horrible, nasty and completely untrue accusations about a mutual acquaintance and yelling that Knight needs to stop playing dumb. Then when Knight completely does not know what this person is talking about, the person starts threatening Knight, as well as the mutual acquaintance who is not there to defend themselves.

Then imagine Knight talking to the mutual acquaintance to see if they know anything about this, only to find out that this person is on some heavy drugs and they know for a fact that this person owns a pistol. So, then Knight has to go to the local authorities to log a report just so there is a record just in case something happens.

Now I am imagining that you are thinking maybe we are not too sheltered from the world. If this is too much sheltering, I would hate to see what the opposite would be. And to think, we thought we were a sheltered home school family.


Mommy said...

Hmmmm....maybe you were safer up north, huh?

Rach said...

It is so hard to "pay" for other people's craziness isn't it? Praying for you much!