Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I am still here. My family is now convinced I am just a tad OCD. It all mostly has to do with the potential remodeling project.

Now I have known that I have expensive tastes. Not that I care about name brands or anything. I just like nice things that will add joy to my life. So as we are talking about what cabinets we want, what type of shower system we would like, and trying to get some unique features into our home we are running into lots of stuff we like.

Shower system...so, so nice. But for $5000 I'll have to pass.

Funky toilet...Hopefully. But only if the money is there.

Wallpaper...Sorry, but that is a must. It's only one wall anyway

The original cabinetry bid came just a tad high. Thankfully, I was prepared for this and had already started making adjustments to the design. Now we have a bid that I can live with. The jury is still out with Knight.

Still waiting on the rest of the bid.

But maybe I can actually sleep since I finally have a design I can live with.

Once the plans get finalized I will be posting them for all to see. And as long as Knight gives the ok, I will be giving you all updated on the progress along with the pictures.

Oh, the joys

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