Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend recap

We are back from our weekend without the kids. The kids had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa as we knew they would. They are still thanking the Lord for being able to go for the weekend every time they pray.

On Friday, we checked into the room, and I unpacked then we headed off to the grocery store. We had a heads up on what was on the menu and I wanted to stop and grab something. I was told that the prime rib was wonderful. Knight took my helping. I can't fathom how someone can eat that much meat, especially at one sitting but he enjoyed the food. They also had salad, baked potato and rolls so it was a fine meal for me as well.

Knight insisted that we bring the Wii, so after the first session we hooked it up and there were some who enjoyed playing. In fact, we didn't get back to the room until 11:30 where I realized that I need to make another quick run to the store. (Thanks Auntie F!) It was c.o.l.d. (around -18). Hop in the car, run to the store, get back and take a bath to warm up.

A funny side note. This is the same hotel that the ladies retreat is every year. At the beginning of the ladies retreat our well meaning leader reminds us that we are away from home and we need to be careful of danger. She asks us not to go out without a buddy, just for safety sake (right! have you MET me?!?). No announcement was made at the couples retreat. So when I found that I needed to go to the store at nearly midnight, my Knight in shining armor, my protector, said that if I insisted... he would go with me, but otherwise he would rather stay there.

So I got back, we did our homework from the session and Knight went to sleep. I channel surfed until this great documentary on Hippos came on at 2am. I watched the whole hour long documentary and finally went to sleep. At 6:45 I awoke to Knight taking a bath. Who really needs sleep anyway right?

Saturday went well. It was very relaxed as there was only one small session and the rest of it was truly a retreat. It ended with a meal at the local pizza pub. We took off to go home. We stopped and rented some movies, headed to our house for one last quiet night alone. As we come over the hill, we see cop cars everywhere. In our tiny town with a population of 1500, there was a stand off in the motel. Some guy had a rifle. Thankfully the streets that were closed off ended a block away and we were able to get home. We popped in T2 and I fell asleep.

My poor husband. Started the weekend with "romance" on his mind. And that is where it stayed.

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Mommy said...

I am SO glad to know you're safe after your trip to the store by yourself. Don't do that again.

Actually, sounds like you'd be better to worry about going out by yourself in your own little hometown. :)