Saturday, May 31, 2008


Have I ever let you know that I really dislike doing Knights job? I help him out on Saturdays at our mutually most hated store ever (sorry, I can't tell you never know who may read this). Today I went and finished the work I normally do, and then I had to set up a demo at another account.

This did not make me happy.

Mainly because I had planned to bring my kids down to a birthday party and be available in case they needed or wanted help. He let me know the night before that I was needed at 11am for this demo.


So I worked at the icky place, picked up the kids, brought them to the party place (they were riding horses at a stables) run back into town and set up the demo, wait for the demo girl to get there.

And wait.


Nope, she didn't show. Talked to person at customer service. She hasn't seen the girl. Manager on duty? Nope, she didn't see her either.

Demo girl actually works for this customer as her main job.

I pack up and leave.

So glad I ran back wasted an extra 45 minutes driving for that.

She won't be hired by us again.

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