Monday, May 05, 2008

My Hero

Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I love nature, animals, all that. I'm not really much of a camper but I love to see God's handiwork untouched by human hands.

Most of the time.

Today we took the kids to the park the next town over. We have had a lot of rain lately and our streams are still high from snow melt. I had my camera along and went to take a picture of the little man-made waterfall. The kids followed along hoping to make it into my pictures.

Then they spotted them.

Carp. Around 9 huge carp.

Helpless. Gasping. Some already just a body. Some still fighting to live.

They were now stranded mostly out of the water that had just receded.

I begged my Knight to be my hero and put the ones still alive back into deep water, thus saving their lives. (There were only 3 that were still living enough to hopefully save.) I'm not a princess but I am kinda girly. I'm not touching a fish unless I have to.

He graciously complied with my wishes.

Remember they were huge. (He estimates around 20-25 pounds each.)

He picked them up from the ground by his feet and put them in the water on the other side of the wall.

They swam away.

I don't know if they will live, but we did our part.

*The dark stick looking thing by Knights right hand is the tail of one of them. Sorry the photo is b&w but that was the setting my camera was on when we found the fish*

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Rach said...

"Cool!" (Seth's comment)
Too bad they weren't trout! I'd have rescued them... in a manner of speaking. :)