Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who's stuff did you loose????

Last night we were one of the last families to leave the church. Knight was talking, kids were playing, I was talking to different people while trying to keep an eye on the kids. A typical Wednesday night.

Knight and I got into the car and drove over to the playground to pick up the kids. They started piling in and Rara was still walking across the grass carrying 2 of her babies. No big deal. They Desti asks, "Where are your shoes?"

That becomes the question of the night.

A couple of my kids volunteer to help her look. Then I make the rest of them look. They recruit their friends to help them. Still nothing.

How do you loose a pair of shoes you were wearing?

So I get out to look. And I ask which pair she wore to church.

The answer is "Your sandals."

What?!? You lost MY shoes??

In true mommy fashion I ended up finding them. Only took 10 people searching for 30 minutes.

Can't you see my Supermom cape through my robe?

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