Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I received an email today asking me to leave feedback for something that I purchased on Amazon. I submitted my feedback and then my eyes fell to the "Recommended Based on Your Browsing History" section.

I have recently purchased some items for a friend of mine. Most of it was not things I have purchased, but it was all for her home schooling. Normal, educational books and items. These are the type of items I purchase from Amazon. Not a big deal at all.

So my list included...
Carson Micro Max Lighted Microscope (ok, I can totally see that.)

30x Jewelers FOLDING EYE LOUPE... (wow, didn't know they had something like that. Sounds kinda neat)

Scientific Explorer's Disgusting... (the kids would love this. This should be on my list for next years schooling)

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible (WHAT?!?!?)

And good news... if you buy the last book and the High Times Growers Series: Jorge Cervantes' Ultimate Grow DVD you can get a discount! (btw...I think the title is so funny!)

Do you think they have misjudged their recommendations just a tad?

Too funny


Rach said...

They just think you're into home grown things: home grown kids, home grown education, home grown veggies, home grown... other things!

Leeann said...

That is just too funny. And really strange that books like that are published...