Thursday, May 15, 2008

College soapbox

**Warning, you may want to click off the blog now, as I am about to vent frustrations.**

*climbing onto my soapbox*

I am finishing my first class at the college and I will admit that I couldn't be happier. I have been frustrated at the lack of challenge this class has provided. I had expected it to be harder, something I would have to work at. The set up is each student has to post an answer to some questions each week. Then we have to reply to at least 2 other students during the week. This week is the last week and the subject is how you have improved your writing skills. A fellow classmate posted this...(copied without any editing)

"Improvin Writing Style
I need to work on all those areas my self , but u can do it we all can
i have determination and my 12 yr old son cheerin me on. I need to do well in
this class hopefully to get a better job that is were the typing skills come in
handy cause i am an administrative assistant ( office assistant) where most of
my job is typing.. The studin and note takin are an important part too because u
need to know how to wrtie note like for a letter.. Small brakes helps in
concentration u can learn more if everyhing is not so jumbled in my head, it
also give u time to rest and think about the next subject or topic.."

I just wanted to reply..."Seriously???"

I'm sorry but for 5 weeks I have listened to the professor ask the students not to use "u" for you, "i" for I, etc. I know I am less patient today, but each week it gets harder and harder to respond to posts like this.

And it bothers me that she will get full credit for it.


Ok, I'm done.

*climbs back off the soapbox*


Chey said...

Ahahaha! Woww... but I guess that is why she is taking the class. :/

Rach said...

Maybe she does a whole lot of text messaging "lol" :)