Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Knight has been working very hard lately. Very long days (12-16 hour days). On Friday I talked to him and knew he was really beat down. He was worn out to the core. I knew he needed to get away so I started to look for places that I could take him. Our first choice for a get a way was booked full so that was out.
Then I remembered that we had not ever let the kids play at the park inside MOA. So off I went to set it up, not telling Knight. A friend offered to take Allie. I found that the cities were pretty quiet since people were leaving town for the weekend. (well, quiet comparatively to when we have been there before. It always is a jarring reminder of "oh yeah. I forgot what a big city really is like)
So I talked to Knight Saturday morning while we were both working and told him we were leaving town, staying a couple of nights. He, not being the control freak I am, just said ok. Didn't need to know where we were staying and what we were doing. I told the kids that they needed to get the house done while I was working in the morning.
Work got done, and we were off. All the kids knew was that we were not staying in WI. They figured out pretty quickly we were going to the cities. They played some travel games I printed off and had fun. We got to the hotel and let the kids play in the pool the first night.
They still were trying to guess what we had planned the next day and had their hopes up for the children's museum. We got to the mall and they were excited to find out we were going to buy them wrist bands for the park. We played ALL day and at the end of it everyone was wore out.
We came home yesterday and I crashed. I woke up last night to J-Bird telling us he had thrown up. I am thankful his sickness held off until we were back home to reality.
The last picture I have is for Cindy who has always wanted to go to the Mall of America. They were having a tap show in the middle of the mall. Just thought I'd share a picture of part of the mall. :-)

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