Monday, May 05, 2008

knights amazement

Today I met someone I look up to. He doesn't play football, He doesn't even want to be looked up to, He just looks at his life as a job God gave him to do. He doesn't brag he just tells what God is using him for. I decided not to even give his name because in one case a person from another religion hacked into the computer system and screwed it all up and then posted that jihad had begun. I will just call him Mr S. One of my kids said he is fearless, So I asked him do you have any Fears. He said all the time, then he quoted scripture and said a spirit of fear doesn't come from God. This year God has sent him to a country that is 91% Muslim. What amazed me was how they view women.
On my route last week one of my customers was having a problem with vender's because a manager would give them a display and then say no I didn't say that. So the guy that checks me in came up with a form that vendor and manager would sign and eliminate the confusion. It had a spot for salesman's signature and a female vendor threw a fit because it didn't say salesperson so she went to the management and got him in trouble when all he was trying to do is help all of us vender's. In comparison I was amazed that in this Muslim country their view about women is that they don't have souls. So that is where evil spirits come from. The women their are not allowed to pray in church and at funerals they participate by washing the body. That way the men will not be defiled by touching the dead body. But the women are not allowed to go to the funeral it has something to do with their tears are bad, Ill have to listen to this guy on tape are church tapes everything. Also when a girl is born to them they look at it as a curse and boy is a blessing and when a boy reaches the age of 7 he then becomes smarter than his mother because he is a boy and he is only to receive instruction from his father. Mr S has had his marriage become a witness to the people because they will ask him why do you love your wife? They don't understand shes more then property to him. He tells them about the God of the Bible that commands him to love her.

Mr S witnessed to and saw over thirty people get saved over their in just a few months. The differences between over here and over their is over here we will ask if you have gotten saved or asked Jesus to come into your heart and have a personal relationship with him. Most people would say yes or I'm a Christian. Over their if you tell anyone you excepted Christ you lose your job, and your family disowns you and in some cases your family kills you and says its for jihad. Also the government will keep track of what you do and try to find out where you are getting money to live on in order to get rid of that source. So to except Jesus and turn your life over to him is not easy. Mr S said God has put it on his heart that the people over their just lost and going to hell and God has sent him to show them how they can get to heaven. That's where I look up to Mr S my first instinct is to worry about protecting me and my family. I use to think of those people as just nuts. But after hearing him I just see them as needing a savior and trying to find what I have found. His love for those people is amazing. He believes this is where God has told him to go. I cant imagine having the guts to go where other people have told them about Christ,been captured had their fingers and toes chopped off then their wrist and ankles chopped off then stabbed 168 times before having their throat cut and the government looking at it as a good thing. Sometimes I struggle with deciding which video game to play on the we today. Oh what a rough life I have. God has sure blessed us with freedom and wealth, maybe not according to Americas standards but definitely according to Gods.

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Rach said...

We'll be praying for Mr. S and family!