Thursday, February 08, 2007

8 things for my 8 year old

1.Eight years ago today your Daddy and I became outnumbered by the kids.
2.Eight years ago today you entered the world with only one push.
3.Eight years ago today when you entered the world you were bright pink and you scored the best possible score on the Apgar scale.
4.For the last eight years we have witnessed you grow up to be a sweet girl who tries to be positive and doesn't like to say the word no.
5.For the last eight years your personality has come out and you love to be in front of the camera posing just so you can laugh at the picture.
6.In the last eight years you were my easiest to potty train, you have started to read chapter books, write cursive more ledgeable than your sisters and today you are done with car seats!
7.Eight years ago I could kiss you and you wouldn't wipe them off, but as soon as you could let us know how much you didn't like spit you have wiped off any kiss you have recieved. (I hope this is a trait you keep until you are married!)
8. There are so many special things about you that I love. You are a beautiful, talented girl and I am thrilled that God has let me be your mommy. Happy golden birthday my precious 8 year old.


molly said...

Happy Birthday, Rara!
I can't believe you are 8!
I remember when you were born, girl!
Love, Mrs. Dahl for the Dahl clan

Jurnee said...

happy birthday to you
you live in a zoo
you look like ciara
and you don't like kissess.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!