Thursday, February 15, 2007

This is ridiculous!

Last Friday we went to the library to do my returns and to pick up some movies. I picked up the movie Flight Plan to watch this week. I have wanted to see it since it came out.

It's in my house. I can watch it when ever I want. I even homeschool so obviously I have all day to watch this movie. Now comes to today. The movie is due tomorrow. Would you like my review of the movie? Well, I don't have one! I haven't watched the movie yet and honestly don't really plan on watching it today. Oh well, at least it was free.

On another note last night was "red night" for the kids at church. The kids were supposed to wear red. So I made up some face paint, and painted the kids' face, hair, and hands. Here is a picture of the kids ready to go. The paint did end up staining the face a little so poor Riah (in the purple shirt) had to go to school like that this morning.
On my last note. Congrats Dahls on your package! Think Barbara (Barbie)!!


Keri said...

I do believe that "someone" told you that the face paint might stain. You might want to listen next time..hee, hee, hee. : )

molly said...

The only "Barbie"s to enter this house will have an unrealistic figure (and I'd like to limit their population to the one we have!)... Believe me, we Dahls (especially as infants) DON'T have that figure! :)

De said...

Well Molly--You know that the older you get the increased chance of multiples, don't you? On your birthday you told me that it was hard to think of yourself as "middle aged" I think it's about time to start praying for bonus babies with this one!!

As for Keri--Yes, you did tell me. You are right. You are always right. Someday I hope to achieve your level of wisdom!!

Keri said...

WOW!!! That's the first time anyone has ever said anything like that to me!