Monday, February 26, 2007

We are going a little stir-crazy in this house. I don't think the kids have it as much as mom and dad.

We wanted to take them to Action City this weekend but when we looked on the radar we realized that we were going to get all the snow that was predicted for us. (I guess that is one for the weatherman) We ended up surprising the kids with a night at the Americinn in RL. It was so fun!

I packed everything up while they were playing games and then sent them to do their chores so I could get it in the van. We told them we were going furniture shopping. We are looking for a couch so they were asking about that. We told them we were going to look at beds.

When we pulled into the hotel they still thought we were just furniture shopping but looking at the beds in the hotel. Knight went in while the kids and I waited in the car. I gave them some story about we need to find out what room is available to see the beds.

Then, since J-Bell and J-Bird were in the back seat I told them there was a blanket in the trunk and I would like it.

They look in the back and ask "why is there a suitcase back here?"

Desti gets impatient and adds, "(deep sigh) Just get the blanket!" still not realizing why we would have pulled up to a hotel with a suitcase?!?!?

It didn't take long to figure out what was going on, but it was great to watch them realize it. Once we got upstairs the asked if I brought their swimsuits too. Then they were REAL excited when they found out I am smart enough to remember that they may want to swim.

I did forget one swim suit and the pool toys but since the hotel is 6 miles from our house we ran home and back. Good times had by all, thanks to Knight. It was his idea.

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Keri said...

You are crazy! Looking for beds in a hotel!?! But I guess with kids you can say pretty much anything and they will believe it.