Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am reminded that this blog is supposed to be about our family life instead of life in YouTube so here is our update.

Yesterday was a great blessing with the weather turning and I was able to kick the kids outside to play. I told them to go out and I headed upstairs to clean the bathroom. As I was washing the window I saw my children outside. The first day out in a long time and they chose to wash the car! I figured it would be a little cold for that but it really needed it, so why stop them. Pretty soon they were complaining that they felt frostbit and wanted to come in. At least they got some outside time.

Other than that not too much going on. I have slowly started my spring cleaning. We decided to move Knight and my bedroom upstairs. I have to admit I didn't go upstairs very often at all. Moving up there made me realize that I needed to be up there more. So I have my to do list to get this place more organized but with all the daily stuff to do, it takes so much more time to get things gone through.

There is a peek into our house. Not real exciting. That's why I call it Paradise.

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