Tuesday, February 06, 2007

As things happen that makes me feel out of control of my life I react by doing something new and different. You know how it is. "Oh honey, I think we need a puppy. I know we don't want the mess, the added responsibility, the potty training, chewing, barking. But it will be fun. I need something else to think about than the everyday stuff that is in my life year after year." I am a MASTER at justifying these decisions. Yesterday I was looking forward to closing a chapter of our life because there was going to be an auction to forclose on someone that owes us a lot of money (at least we think it's a lot of money) and this chapter was going to be done. Well, the guy did the one thing he could do to drag this out longer. Now, I know that the Lords timing is perfect. I know that He will take care of us. I also know that this would not have been the best timing for us to have had the auction. Knight handles the news by talking to anyone that he can. He will talk and talk and talk for three days then he will get over it. We have seen a pattern in the past on how he handles this type of stuff. Me, I just find something new to occupy my brain. So what do I do? I make blogs for each of my children. When KInight comes home and asks why I decided to let each of them have a blog I pulled out my great excuse book. "I really want them to learn how to express themselves with the written word. It will help with spelling, grammar, and writing." He just replied "Ok, Teach." Hee Hee, I AM good.

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Poppy said...

Sorry about the auction. Have you heard anything else about it? Any new developements?

I love the kids' blogs, although I wasn't able to post on Jayden's. Hmph....men!