Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some of my favorite things...

Black tea

The laptop

A nice bath

Then I decide all three will be even better! So without further thought (oops) I heat up a large cup of my tea to boiling, run my bath, grab the laptop and set it on the john. (no I am not stupid enough to try balancing it on the edge of the tub. I sit down and start clicking away and Knight walks in. I move the computer, grab the tea and shut the curtain (I don't care for that kind of splashing when I'm in the tub). When done he walks out with the laptop back in place and I move the curtain back. That is where my brain should have been working. The tea was on the curtain but now has fallen into my bath, burning my leg and making me drain the water losing my bubbles. Honestly I can't believe how badly it hurts even after another bath and time to heal (an hour). Will that teach me? Probably not.

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