Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anyone who knows me, knows that when I get an idea that I think is a good idea and I run with it. My family is normally a good sport, probably because they know that it will not involve responsibility, but some way to go and enjoy ourselves.

The other dayweek I was remembering how, when I was a kid, my mom wanted to play tennis so she taught us kids to play so she would have someone to play with. I enjoyed playing but when Knight and I were dating we tried playing and it didn't go so well. You see, my mom taught us that the fun of playing was in the volley. Knight had never been taught tennis, but had watched Wimbledon on TV. He had me running all over the court while I kept hitting it back to him. He didn't see the point in playing just to volley. Neither one of us had played since.

Until today. I had decided that it was time to teach the kids and we pulled out Knights old racket, bought another one today, got us a couple packs of tennis balls, and went off to teach the kids. So we waited for Knight to get done working. While we were waiting we wasted time by doing things, chores, errands. You know, the responsible things.

We get to the court. Knight and I try warming up. We need practice. But it's fun. Especially since the kids are so excited that we don't have to run and get the balls we hit out. We have 4 ball fetchers with us. We play for say 10 min. Then we are made aware that the courts are reserved at 4pm for the tennis team because apparently the school does not have tennis courts. But the good news is that they only have the courts from 4-7 Mon-Fri. It's 4pm so we leave. We end up going to the tennis courts in our own town. They are not as good, but at least we can play on them.

I work with each kid one on one while Knight plays baseball with the other kids. That is until he hits the ball hard enough to split the ball and they can't play anymore. The kids are enjoying learning tennis, and the weather feels great to be out running around in it. There is not too much running yet, as they are still missing the ball more than hitting it. The annual garage sale at church is coming up and I am hoping to be able to get a couple more rackets.

So... tennis anyone???

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Toni in the Midst said...

Sounds wonderful, De. These are not only skills the kids will take with them, but sweet memories as well.