Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I love the English language. Just ask anyone that happens to email, text, or IM with me. No text talk, except an occasional lol or smiley. I do my best to spell correctly. It is just what I do, who I am. And to be honest, if you are a blog that comes here, I do try to visit you if you leave a comment, but if your blog is filled with misspellings and horrible grammar, I will give you the benefit of the doubt once or twice, but unless I REALLY like you, I don't keep coming back. I just have trouble enjoying reading when things are butchered. Sorry, I am an English snob, of sorts. Not that you won't find a dangling participle here and there around these parts!

Today in my email inbox was an email from a fellow Freecycler. Now, I don't know this person. But this is the email put out to everyone...
i am trying to do a good thing i am bilding computers for som handecap kids and
i am out of parts if aneone has som pc parts or hole computers let me know so u
know i try to bild 3 pc's and donat atlest 1 to menteley chalanged and aney
money i get off other 2 gose to keping it going but latley ive ben to softharted
and ran out of parts completley and i have 4 kids wating for free ones so i am
looking for aney parts

That is totally copy and pasted. I was not making it worse in any way. This is some of the reasons I struggle to read what others put on the web. If this is you-- I am sorry if you are offended, and I offer my free service of teaching you where your spell check is, or I will edit your freecycle emails anytime.

Ok, off my soapbox.

In other news I am officially announcing that I have started a blog just to chronicle our schooling. This will just be a home school blog. Since it is the first day of school, I am going to start writing in it regularly. Probably not every day, but hopefully a couple times a week.

Paradise is back to routine. Can you feel the collective sigh of relief from all???

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