Saturday, August 25, 2007

They say that opposites attract and they are right, whoever "they" are. Knight and I are opposite in most every way. He is a morning person, I am a night owl. He is VERY social, I need my time of solitude. He is a planner, I make as few plans as possible. I love being on the water anytime but I don't fish, he loves fishing and but otherwise he doesn't get excited about being on water. I swim well, he can doggy paddle. He LOVES budgets, I see the benefit but I am willing to break the budget, often. He loves eating meat, I eat very little meat. You get the point.

As you can imagine this has caused some frustrations on both sides. Not as many as you would think though. And there is only one reason. Christ. Neither one of us were Christians when we got married but when we accepted Christ into our lives, and searched out how to live out our faith I found this ridiculous request from the Lord to serve and be submissive to my husband. At least I thought it was ridiculous. Let's just say I am not the submissive type. At all.

But try I have. I do my best to be submissive, not because I think my Knight is all wise and knows what is best for my life, but because I am trying to honor my God, not my man. I have even been called a mindless twit from men and women alike because I don't stand up for my "rights" enough. I try to please my husband to try to please my God. And it has not been easy. Remember I am free-spirited. I need to live life today, not plan to be spontaneous next week. And when I REALLY want something I want it NOW. I don't want to put it in the budget, save up for umpteen months and get it when I get a really hot deal. I want it. If we have the money why not buy it? (We don't do credit so we always pay cash) That does not fit in with my planning hubby. So if it really something I want a push for a little, and then let it drop. (I am talking about big purchases, not small ones)

We have talked lately about the differences between us. We I talked about how difficult it is to try to be submissive to a planner when you are a free spirit. My philosophy of you only have one life, why not live it today, for tomorrow may not come. Not with just anything, but if it not sinful why not. So we talked. He went off to work. *brace yourself, this is where the miracle came in* He thought about what I said and decided he works hard to provide for my needs but he doesn't concentrate on my wants. So he came home last night and told me we were going to EC. And then we bought me a new toy. Now he can be fishing in his boat, and I can be on the same lake, but actually enjoying myself! Thanks Knight!


Mommy said...

I think our outing got you hooked!

Try to stay upright! :)

And always bring some trail case you run into me.

Tammy said...

WOW! Can't think of a better gift! Good job Knight.

So when are we getting on the water De?

molly said...

I am so happy for you! :)
I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience so much and LOVE the color of your new toy. Come see "the", not my, new kitchen- it's the same color!
It would be fun to get to gether sometime. Take Care.

melody is slurping life said...

God works in mysterious ways indeed. What a fun new toy! What a fun thoughtful husband. I expect fun photos of you kayaking, just so you know.

BTW in reading your description of yourself, I saw a whole bunch of me.

Claire in CA, USA said...

I saw a whole bunch of me, too. Dh and I are very different, also. I read "Created to be His Help Meet." I still resisted. Then, the light went on (very recently). My husband loves me, wants to take care of me. I don't have to be strong woman all the time, and it's okay to rely on him. Duh, it only took me 16 years of marriage.