Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ok, since I don't have much to say...and because I know Aunti J is waiting for more posts...and because I can't quit laughing over this quote I just read....

I didn't understand NASCAR until I met some NASCAR fans. You talk to a
couple of NASCAR fans and you'll see where a shiny car driving in a circle would
fascinate them all day. I can make fun of NASCAR fans because if they chase me,
I just turn right.

~Alonzo Bodden

But truely this is how I feel about NASCAR

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Tammy said...

I grew up at the circle track. Just about every Saturday night we were there. When I was really little I used to fall asleep laying down on the bleachers. I still love the races, especially since I had the chance to take a car around a few times.
NASCAR.... the marketing of it all, the hype! That's something I just don't get. I would tend to guess that most fans just like it because someone else does, and they don't care for an actual race.