Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have spoken before about my kids love for commercials. Sometimes I think maybe that was just a small phase in their lives. And then there are other times...

The other morning Rara woke up before any of the other kids. When she came down stairs she was quiet and just listened as Knight and I finished up our bible study we have started doing together. Then she sat and listened to us talking.

For some reason both of us had itchy eyes that morning. For the first time that morning Rara decides to add to the conversation.

R-Why don't you try Lanacane?


R-You know. Lanacane.


R-It stops itching on contact. It kills germs too.

Knight-Yeah, and it will kill your eyes too.

Those who make their living coming up with advertising sure know what they are doing.

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melody is slurping life said...

I have one of those kids who spews forth commercials, and he doesn't even watch that much tv.

Lanacane...you'll understand if I don't call her for medical advice?!