Friday, August 03, 2007

Getting the news about the bridge collapse in MN was a shock. I'm sure it was to all who heard. Here in our neighborhood it seems as though this is all that has happened in the world in the last 48 hours. And you get to thinking...

How many times have I gone over that same bridge, thinking to myself..."The Mississippi river is beautiful from up here"

It happened at rush hour. When Knight was working at his previous job he was in the cities going over that bridge, normally at that time of day.

I am amazed at how few lost their lives. As we prayed in church Wednesday, a mere hour after it happened, we prayed for minimal loss of life. And me of little faith was thinking, "If only...but what devastation we are going to expect?"

I know that the loss is great for those families left to deal with it. It seems as though we are never without the hurting ones to comfort. The phrase "Be good to everyone...because everyone is having a hard time" has never seemed more true.

And I know that I am blessed to be one of those in the position to comfort those who the Lord has brought into my path, instead of the one needing comforting.

Paradise is only paradise from the outside looking in. When you are on the inside, it's reality.

Praying that each of you are on the giving end of comfort this week, instead of being the one to receive.

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