Monday, August 06, 2007

We had a girls night out last night. My mom, three sisters, and myself went kayaking on a chain of lakes that my mom's cabin is on. We had a great time!

We are all super beginners, but that doesn't stop women like us! Some of my sisters have never been on a kayak, and the others had limited use. That did not stop us from paddling to all four lakes on the chain, getting off at an island in Island Lake (what else would you call it) to stretch, and much on trail mix.

One of the highlights was the jousting match. Yeah, you read that right. Jousting in kayaks. With people who have never been on a kayak before.

Here's how it worked.

They paddle away from each other, turn around facing each other, then paddle as fast as they can towards each other. When they get close, they splash each other.

I never claimed we were adults on these girls night out times!

We got back in time, cleaned up the boats, and grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant down the road. Good food. Great conversation. The poor waitress dumped a tray of our drinks as she was setting them down on the tray holder thingy. Nobody got wet, but she was so embarrassed. Then we talked about what we have all done waitressing. My sister dumped a tray of drinks down a mans back once. This was nothing.

We are hoping to go again. I figure if I rent a kayak enough, I should get one for free, don't you?

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VAIL said...

What a fun girls night! Whenever my group gets together it is for dinner/movie - maybe we should try something more adventerous like this, or rock climbing!