Saturday, August 04, 2007

Through a couple of conversations recently, I am more aware of how people view their past and their place in this world. Some, live their life, never looking back. Not to say that they are not aware of their past, but they don't have a desire to share the memories. Some, I have learned, never are real curious about those who crossed their path long ago. They never want to take the old gang and go talk and see the old haunts. The people that seem to be like this are still living in the area that they grew up. Their lives have just been on one track and their past is just an extension of who they are now.

Then there are people like me. My past is broken up into chunks. My sisters and I talk not in years but streets and towns. "When we lived on Willow St..." "When we lived in Vegas..."etc. For us, their is a desire to go back and see how it has changed. We do wonder what ever happened to different people. And there is a desire to find out. But for me, there is only a desire to go and see these things with the people who were there. Not to relive, to to remember.

I have been thinking a lot about it lately. I think I am just trying to understand what makes me think the way I do. To understand who I am and what purpose the Lord has for me. But as much as I desire to go see and remember, I don't desire to go back permanently. I also am not afraid to get up and completely start over in a new place. This place will just be one of those blocks of my past. There is no fear in that for me.

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