Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Note to self....

If your children want to invite a child over, and you don't know the parents well, you should actually put some thought into saying yes. If you don't your children might...

...get into a contest to one up the others with funny stories about the family

...reveal to said guest exactly what each person in the family wears (or not wears) to bed

...share all the "funny" things that happen, like daddy talking in his sleep and what was said

...make you spend so much time on your knees praying that the kids don't say something so horrifying that you can never show your face in public again

A highlight so far....
"Hey E, guess which finger Desti had to have cut open yesterday at the doctors."
"That one. The one with the band aid on it"

And it's only been 1.5 hours

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