Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Update

Have you ever noticed that by blessing others you recieve a blessing? Sometimes, ok, most of the time it feels that you get an even bigger blessing. Such was the case this weekend.
Our church has a free garage "sale" every year, where the church body brings in unwanted items from home on Thursday and Friday, takes whatever they want those two days and then we open it up to the public on Saturday for the community to come and take what they need.
Now, I have never shown up on Saturday during the sale. I have gone to clean up, but my dislike of crowds have kept me away. Until this year. One of my friends talked me into working the kitchen with her giving out coffee, milk, bars, muffins, etc. Friday night one of the leaders saw me taking pictures and put me on camera crew.
I have heard the stories of the crowds but to see it for myself was amazing. The first people arived to stand in the cold at 6:30am knowing full well that the doors did not open until 8am. When I got there at 7:25 the line was substantial. And it had gotten below freezing that night. Brrrrr!!!
What a fun morning! We left the sale to go to J-Birds state peddle pull. He was so excited to be a "state champion"! It took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. for his time to pull. During that time we were able to sit and visit with family. Knights parents and sisters showed up, along with my parents and spouses, and my sister. One of my favorite parts of that day was when J-Bird asked to go be with Grampa. I asked which one, since there were 3 around and he pointed to his 3 grampa's sitting on a bench talking. I really don't know if my kids have seen the two sides of the family in the same vicinity in their memory so this was extra special for them. I love this family!

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Leeann said...

That is the BIGGEST garage sale I have ever seen! WOW! Wish I was close enough to come!