Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen--Blogittyville

Here are thirteen reasons why I choose to spend time in bloggityville...

1. I get to peek inside other people's windows, with their permission.

2. I can only see what others want me to see, and generally that is the best part of themselves. Bloggityville tends to be a pretty upbeat place to spend your time.

3. You can go and visit people as your schedule allows. Take as little or as long as you'd like. They are just happy you stopped by. Come by at 6am, noon, or midnight. Makes no difference

4. You meet some really great people.

5. You meet people that you normally wouldn't. You also get a different perspective than you might not normally get staying in your own circle of influence. Sometimes you get the perspective of a duck.

6. You can choose everyone you want to spend time with. If their is someone you don't click with, no hard feelings, you just don't go visit.

7. You tend to remember the funny or good things that happen around and to you. You are always looking for a "good post" moment.

8. I can live in a world that will make believe with me that my house is clean, my kids are well groomed, never fight, and I can do it all.

9. The same ones that make believe that my life is perfect will put their cyber arms around me if I need to admit that I am not perfect (not saying that has EVER happened. I am perfect. Just read my blog! ;-)

10. Bloggityville is a great place for an outlet for my emotions. I may not let everyone know what those emotions are, but it gives me a place to talk.

11. It shows me how the Lord is working, not only in WI, but all over the world.

12. I never know what to expect when I pull up to someones place. It may be funny, sad, heartwarming, or routine.

13. Remodeling your place doesn't have to be expensive. Or take a lot of time and skill.

If you are a part of bloggityville, let me just say thank you. You brighten my day. Bloglines (the town crier) is so wonderful to let me know when something is new in town.


Leeann said...

I love your #7 the most! I, too, find myself really paying attention to my life, so I can be sure to blog them! I even start writing out the blog in my head, while the event is happening. It's just like when I take pictures, I already know the title of the scrapbook page.

Leeann said...


KarenW said...

Many of my friends live in Bloggityville. I love the fact that they are almost always home! Great list!