Monday, September 24, 2007


If you came here to hear about all the great things in Paradise right now---check back tomorrow. It's Monday and I want to vent today, but knowing this is an upbeat blog, I will limit myself. So in the spirit of love I will first say what I should say to count my blessings. If you want the code of what it really means, keep reading.

What I am thankful for today....

1.Thank God it's Monday. It's nice to have a day off.

2. I am so thankful for Nyquil. I am able to sleep through the night because of this great invention

3. I was able to have a great talk with the Frito-Lay rep. I don't normally get to see her.

4. I am thankful that we have high speed Internet and that we can do our research for the products we want to buy in the comfort of our own home.

5. I live close to a mall that has stores in it that would potentially carry the products I decide on from my research.

6. We headed off to the lake. It was such a beautiful Morning.

7. The kids were able to try out the new tandem s.o.t. kayak.

8. I sat in our fishing boat for the first time today.

9. Jim at T.J.'s is really nice

10. I snuck in a nap

11. I showered this morning.

12. Knight is safety conscience and knows right from wrong.

What I really mean....

1. It's already Monday, and my plans for today have to change because Knight decided he wants to go fishing. I really struggle when someone messes with my plans, even if it is not a big deal.

2.I woke up with my NyQuil hangover. This cough is going on something like 5 weeks. I have slept most days this month only with the help of NyQuil. Someday, I will be healthy again...maybe.

3. I went in to get my pay slips that should have been signed by the Tombstone guy. The slips were not there for me. I missed the deadline to turn them in this week, therefore I will not get paid this week. And these slips were from work almost a month ago. (But I did get to chat with Carol. She can be so fun.)

4. We have a new purchase we would like to buy, and I need to decide what is the best value for our money, what is the important features our family will use, and what is going to hold up under the use of six people. I'm overwhelmed. And I hate shopping.

5. I decide on one, go to the only store in town that should have this product. No luck. I have to do it online or pick something else. I hate shopping.

6. We get to the lake. I have never been to this lake, but Knight highly talks about this lake. The wind is blowing toward the boat landing. This is the color of the water. I did not edit this picture in any way. The only thing the picture doesn't show is the texture of the water. It is THICK. Reminded me of someone making playdoh liquidity. And it smells.

7. The kids went into the kayaks because I couldn't get myself to touch this water, therefore I could not kayak. I didn't want to risk a dock entrance because I would panic if I fell into this water.

8. We decided that since I was not kayaking, we (the adults) would go in the fishing boat and be there in case the kids needed help. The motor quit working and we had to paddle back to the landing. So much for my first ride in the fishing boat (that we've had for 2 years)

9. I didn't think to check and make sure all of our life jackets were in the van before we left (They got the boats and gear ready). We didn't have them all. Knight had to go up to a resort up the road and rent life jackets. (This lake is 45 min from our home)

10. Waiting on the kids to get done fishing off the dock (again, the boat stopped working) I fell asleep in the van. J-Bird came to me 10 min later since he needed to wash his hand. He had stuck his hand in the pea soup called the lake. I couldn't get back to sleep.

11. Kids tried to shower when we got home. The hot water heater is acting up again.

12. I was ready to burn the house down. Not really, but if a tornado came when we were all out of the house, I can't say I would devastated.

IT'S MONDAY. It will be better tomorrow.

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Leeann said...

Wow. Wow. I'm glad the "Monday Tornado" didn't leave you out.

And that "water"!!! (I use this term loosely). Holy Mother of EWWW!