Friday, September 21, 2007

Wrapped Warped Emotions 3

Wrapped Emotions buttonWhen Melody started this blog, I have to say the thought of thinking and posting about emotions wasn't the most comfortable thought in the world. In fact, I will admit I thought about saying thanks but no thanks. That was until the first couple assignments. I was on a roll there, thinking this is a piece of cake. I had even convinced myself that no matter how hard the assignment, within reason, I would give it a shot (there are a few things that is off limits though). Then came assignment #3. In part she said this...

Our WE creations should represent something substantial. A book has
substance...pages bound your day to day life. Your creations and
thoughts deserve the same substance. The time you set aside to create, connect
and express yourself should not be treated loosely. It deserves a proper binding
to signify it's substance.

This week I want you to purchase or make an art journal in which to create your projects or to put
photos of your creations which are not worked on paper. An art journal being a
(spiral-my choice) bound book of sturdy blank pages of any dimensions you
choose. You can find them at an art supply store, arts and craft store, even
T*rget and W*lmart.

You may construct your own book of bound, blank pages in any
manner you choose.Once you have the journal, take your first WE project (the
collage) and mount it in the book. Trim it, cut it into pieces if you need to,
re-collage it, but put it in there. Then from your blog print a copy of your
photo and post for your last week's project and mount it in the book. Do any
additional art work, embellishment or collage you choose as you add these
creations to your art journal. You're creative. You can make them fit.

This is the project that made me want to give up my dedication to the project. You all are thinking....WHAT?!?!?! Yeah, going and getting a bound book to keep my projects in made me almost throw in the towel. To be honest, I still am not totally convinced I should do this one. Let me explain...

I don't like bindings.

At. All.

I don't even like to be needed. Wanted yes. Needed makes me want to run. I don't want to be forced to do something, be around someone, feel like I should help someone, or even feel the need to keep people in my life. Yeah, you heard that right. I don't have a need to keep the same people in my life. Quoting a friend that is in the processing of moving away from our area-
Relationships are more fluid than I imagined, and life goes on.

That has been my way. I will be your friend now, but if you chose to walk out of my life tomorrow, I will not stop you. I will not make you feel guilty. You are in my life for the time being. I will enjoy that. But someday if you choose to leave, I will wish you well. No hard feelings.

So when Melody said I should have a binder for my projects it caused my stomach to do flips. I don't want another binding in my life!

But then I slapped myself silly, got real, and went out looking for a compromise. I found one. I spent a whole buck on it. And it already came decorated to fit my blog theme! It is a mini photo album. And since I am not a pack rat at all and had already thrown away my project from week 1 (shhh! Don't tell Mel!) I just made a photo of it, along with the photo from week 2, stuck it in my adventure book and wah-lah, project done. And without too much panic.

So, here is me admitting that this struck more emotions than child hood memories, or crawling on the floor of the church, but I got through it. It has to get easier from here.

Yes, I know. I have warped emotions


~ Melody ~ said...

I love and respect your warped emotions...and the title did make me laugh.

How funny! I thought this was such a simple project, but your emotions about it make complete sense. It was just very unexpected. Unexpected is helps unwrap emotions in all of us.

Love it!

EA said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by to see my journal, I really appreciate it. I also appreciate your struggle. Thanks for talking about it here.

Sara said...

I'm proud of you, and I don't even know you. In reading your post I can completely feel you, I'm glad you found your compromise, AWESOME! I can see that we all are already starting to grow and find ourselves in Melody's invisions.

Hang in there!

Stacy said...

Good job on sticking with it! I could feel your struggle in your words.

Jenny is Live & in Color said...

I know exactly how you feel. Being married to the military has nurtured this tendency in me. Just when relationships would get to the more complicated levels, I could just move away. I'm working on changing - one friend at a time.
Thanks for sharing this side of you.

lynnae @ from under the clutter said...

Good for you for following through, even though you didn't want to!

Mandy said...

I think it's interesting how everyone approaches putting together a notebook for their projects so differently and yet it in some ways describes the person doing it. I like that you explained how the whole purchasing a binder made you feel.

Kim said...

I so love and respect your honesty. You say you don't like talking about emotions, but you really did let go with them this week and pour some out there for us all to see. Good for you.

Kim @ TheBitterBall

phyllis said...

i was so with you -- i almost gave the whole thing up too (which is why my post on this prompt isn't even up yet!) because of my reluctance to bind it all to speak. i appreciate the way you did it! thanks for sharing...

SingForHim @ Real Life said...

I guess making the binder means you're actually committed to it now! No pressure ;-) Thanks for being so transparent, and making me laugh.