Friday, September 14, 2007

My little hams

As you will notice, I put a picture header on my blog. I picked up my camera, sat on the floor across from the couch, and called the kids. They figured out that I wanted to take pictures of the four of them.
These kids are such hams! They goofed off until my camera battery died. When Knight came home they were telling him what a great time they had making up poses for the camera.
Who wouldn't love these kids??
*Leeann is right (see comments)--I have changed my look a lot lately. I promise I am done for a while. I have needed to take the time to learn how to put a picture header for some time now, but I just changed templates instead. No more, at least for a while.


Leeann said...

You sure change your page a lot! I haven't figured that much out yet and I am afraid to change anything! Your kids sure are beautiful!

melody is slurping life said...

I love, LOVE the new header and blog look. That header and all of the photos cracked me up. I can hear the laughter from the tousling, poking, prodding and stacking now. :)