Monday, September 10, 2007


Did I ever tell you that Knight is a wonderful, sexy, completely skilled, jack of all trades handy-man type? No? I don't know why that never came up. Let me think...

As I was sitting here, playing on the computer I remarked that I am not sure what to blog about.

Stupid me. Knight is nearly about half as sarcastic as I am. What I am saying is that he's a tad more sarcastic than the average man.

So he reminded me that he was being manly today. He finished putting in the new kitchen windows, loaded truck, gave J-Bell some L.D. shelving unit for her room, and ate ribs.

Can you feel the testosteroni that is just ooozing out of him today? Now he just needs to fill the air with his special "air deoderizer" and it will be all good.

So, since I really don't have anything to say since I literally slept through most of the day, I will follow his suggestions and talk about him.

Isn't he great?

Really, not everyone could or even would want to listen to my wit attitude every day. He is one unique hubby.

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