Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen autumn signs that we have already experienced here in WI

1. Ice in the bird bath in the morning.

2. The furnace turning on, when it is set at it's lowest setting.

3. Friends firing up their wood stove

4. Geese flying south for winter

5. Taking hot baths just to take the chill out of the bones.

6. Breaking out the hot chocolate.

7. Scraping windows if you get up before the frost has a chance to clear

8. High School football starting

9. Wearing sweat shirts and shorts in the same time (and at the same time every once in a while)

10. Actually thinking the words wind chill already

11. Wondering if I need to take down the trampoline yet (it actually snowed the day J-Bird was born---Oct 5th!)

12. Making plans to winterize the boat.

And of course.....

13. Leaves

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Leeann said...

Makes me cold...just you talking about it. Brrr.

Toni in the Midst said...


Leeann said...

Please stop by my blog...I gave you an award.

suebug said...

Hi ya!! I am one of Leeanns friends- she's told me about you, hope you don't mind me stopping by! This is my FAV time of year, I lived in Wyoming until I was 4, and I remeber 4th of July snow storms, so for me Utah falls Rock! The leaves are gorgeous, the smell of fires at night is comforting, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sweaters!!!!! So all in all, loved the list!!