Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ooops, I blinked

I took one of the kids with me to work last night while giving Knight the evening off. We always pay the kids with either dinner out before we start the work or 1/2 price appetizers at Applebees when we are done. They are constantly begging us to go work with them.

As we are done and on our way home, I hear, "Mom, don't you hate it when boys look at you and talk?"

"What?" I am completely not understanding the question let alone where it came from. I'm, I don't. I kinda prefer my husband to look at me while he talks to me.

She repeats it word for word, so I repeat my question. Then she hits me with...

"Well, my friend hates it when boys are looking at her and talking to each other."

Ahhh, now I get it. I also get that her friend really doesn't hate it. This particular friend is at that age where she is trying to get the attention. This particular child of mine is not at that age, or stage of development, and yet I am faced with dealing with the issue of boys with this child also. I already have one to deal with. I don't need two.

"Well, you need to expect that. Your kids are getting to that age, dear" you are all thinking.

I think I blinked somewhere. No way am I old enough to have had kids. Wait...I guess having 4 isn't so bad, I can handle that. But I'm already dealing with puberty, boys looking at my precious little baby girls. Pretty soon, they are going to want to start driving, dating, and then they will have the guts to move out of my house and leave me!

Didn't I chose to home school so they would never grow up, never have boy issues, we wouldn't have to deal with them having friends that teach them things we don't want them to learn. These evil friends are putting it into their minds that it is ok to grow up and become independent from me.

Remind me not to blink again. I wouldn't want to miss anything else.


molly said...

I love your way with words, De.
SO, SO true.
When did my 9 yr old grow up enough to stink? I mean, he's my baby! Shouldn't he stink because of his diaper, still... Where did time go that he needs deoderant!?
Thankfully he is not looking at girls in a admiring matter yet.
At least when his Mom is around.
(Maybe if I don't buy the deoderant they at least wouldn't look back!)

Leeann said...

Ahhh! I don't even want to think about this. Growing up frightens me. My oldest is in 1st grade this year and the thought that she is in school, away from me, and with other people that will give her thoughts other than MINE is too much to handle.

Mommy said...

This is one area where I am very glad to be lagging behind. :)

toni in the midst said...

LOL! I was cracking up at your, "Didn't I chose to hs so the would never..."

Too funny. How we WISH we could keep them close to us forever (well, not really but,..okay, sort of; you know what I mean).

melody is slurping life said...

How about a {{{HUG}}}? I followed your line of thinking with homeschool, and doggoneit, they're growing up anyway!