Friday, April 06, 2007

As I was sitting at McDonalds with the kids a couple of weeks ago one of them looked out and said "Mom, that's a cool car!"

I looked out the window, but I didn't see anything. Maybe because they were sitting on the raised dance floor (our McDonalds is a 50's theme) they could see something I couldn't. My view was blocked by the cars sitting in the drive-thru.

"Where?" I asked, completely stumped.

"Right there! The one right next to the building with the stuff in the back seat."

It was the car in the drive-thru. You know, the 1980's silver station wagon with rust all over it. Yeah, apparently to my kids that is a cool car.

It's a good thing they are happy with a station wagon. We have a friend with a car lot. We let him know when we are looking to get something new to us and our price range and he starts looking. Knight talked to him about a month ago and told him that probably within the next year we were going to be looking. He then let us know he was getting out of the business and had only two left. Both above our price range.

Then someone backed into one of the cars and made a dent. Didn't hurt the function of the car just the look. Knight then asked him what he would sell it to us for if he didn't get it fixed. Since insurance was paying to have it fixed he said he would talk to the insurance and see if he could sell it without getting it fixed and they would basically cover the difference.

So we were able to purchase the car. It's a station wagon with a third seat that faces toward the back so it fits our family comfortably, better gas mileage than either vehicle we have now. And we paid less than $800 including registration and taxes! The Lord again has provided in a big way. Some days it can be hard to pay cash for everything but he has been so faithful to provide wants and needs without credit.

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Amy said...

Wow! The Lord really did bless you with this find! And it's a nice car too! I love station wagons. My first one was actually a funeral car...not the hearse, but the one that held the flowers when going to the cemetary! People thought it was creepy, but I loved it.