Monday, April 23, 2007

With our friend up and leaving us for "missionary school" in Texas, apparently it has been affecting our entire families brain. This week I have heard a lot about what kind of house every one wants to live in or where they want to live. It is interesting to me to hear all the differing opinions about how we should live, and we are not even talking about moving. So hear they are...

J-Bell loves our little one horse "village" and would like to stay. Then when she grows up and gets married, she would like to buy a house in town, maybe even next door, and have babies. She likes the library, the tiny little grocery store, and the parks. In her words "this is a great town to raise children in."

Desti would like to build a house that has no electricity ("that is expensive"). You can have an old fashion stove or just cook over the fire that you use to heat the place. You get to use candles for light. She also wants a well (the wishing variety). I think she is thinking Little House on the Prairie. She makes herself clear that she doesn't want a teepee. When I chimed in and said that sounds just great as long as it's a tiki hut in Fiji she thought I was crazy.

Rara would like a blue house with a slide to get down the stairs. She also wants a big garden with a wishing well in the middle of it. She also knows she wants kids.

J-Bird would like for us to sell our house, live in a camper, and be missionaries (starting in Texas) so he can still see Twiggy. He thinks it would be great to live in a RV. I think it had something to do with the show on the Duggar family we were watching. They went on vacation (I think) and they were traveling by RV with all 16 kids, singing and playing games while traveling. I will be honest, it did look fun.

Knight would like to retire in a small cabin. He is leaving the decision on if it is located on a lake or river up to me. He thought we could spend around $20,000 on a "nice one". Yeah, ok. Whatever.

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melody said...

That little visit inside your family's brains on where to live was quite entertaining. :) My boys want to live in the protective housing...just in the woods.