Sunday, April 15, 2007

I got a phone call today. My mom's husband is in the hospital. They don't know what is wrong. Test results are coming back good and therefore they can't find what is wrong either.

The best and only thing I know to do is to turn to the Great Physician. He knows what is wrong and he also knows the outcome of all of this. Hopefully, next week this will be a distant memory and he will be in perfect health again.

Knight called the kids in to pray with us. We explained a little and said a prayer asking for wisdom for the doctors, peace and healing for Phil.

When it was done J-Bird was crying. It surprised me. I didn't see him cry the times my mom was in the hospital but now he was crying. I love to see my childrens hearts tender. When I asked him if he's sad his reply was, "I just love Grampa Phil so much!" It wasn't until after he prayed with his own words was he better. A reminder that life is precious and we need to let those in our lives know that we love them.


yours truly B said...

you are so right. I know it can break the heart of the parent to see their child hurting, but it also lets us know that they feel what we doand maybe understand more than what we give them credit for. I pray for Phil.

Keri said...

I am praying fot Grandpa Phil and J-Bird and the rest of you. Keep me posted on what you hear about him!