Thursday, April 12, 2007

As I'm sitting in the hotel room I feel the first contractions come on. These, I can tell, are not going to be the slow progression to a long labor. These are hard, and fast, and I can feel the baby getting right into position.

Ok, take a deep breath. There is no way this is going to happen too fast. None of my deliveries happen that fast. I make my over to where Knight is sleeping. As I do this I need to push. Oh, no! It's only been 45 minutes since the contractions have started and this baby is coming, NOW!

"Knight, wake up! I need you to catch this baby!"

He tells me that he's too tired to get up and I need to take care of it myself.

What!?! Fine then! See if I care!

I prop myself up so I can reach down and grab ahold of the baby as it comes. I bring it up to me, and clean it off. It is such a beautiful little girl. Blond hard. So tiny. I forget how tiny they are at first.

Knight finally wakes up and wants to help. I don't think so! You've lost your chance. You were not there to help deliver, I can do this all on my own. I don't think I have ever been so mad. Can you believe the insensitivity of him!?! Ahhhh!

I wake up ticked off. I can't believe he did that. Wait. He didn't do that. It was a dream. I actually am a little sad that the dream baby isn't real. Ok, I've officially lost it.

This is the way I dream. Every night. Do you see why I am always so tired?


Keri said...

De, I think you are having way too many pregnant and childbirth dreams. Do you think maybe the Lord is trying to tell you something? ;)

molly said...

You crack me up! At first I was trying to think which of your kids had a birthday that you were recounting the birth story!
Now that you're a pro at delivery I'll just hire you as my midwife come October!

yours truly B said...

is it time for another? sounds like it.

De said...

I don't think the Lord is telling me anything except that I have a lot of friends expecting or that have newborns.

...Or maybe He is trying to tell me that I need to start a new life very soon, in somewhere like Micronesia??? I think THAT is what he is telling me. It couldn't be about another actual baby. I KNOW that would not be it. lol

Amy said...

So what did you name her?!!!!

yours truly B said...

I love long comments thank you for what you said.

KarenW said...

Dreams are strange things! I frequently dream that we fly west instead of east to get to Romania. Same dream, different versions. I hope you sleep well tonight!