Thursday, April 05, 2007

Surfing through my favorite blogs I found this post about the Easter Bilby in Australia. So naturally I had to tell the kids that as of this year the Easter bunny has now turned into the Easter bilby. She is better at hiding the baskets and puts different things in the baskets with the exception of the chocolate cross. The Easter bilby would never let the kids forget why we are celebrating this holiday.

They are having fun with this idea. A little too much fun. We were walking around Walmart picking up the chocolate crosses among other things and the sight of the Easter bunny reminded them of the Looney Tunes opera What's Opera, Doc? For those who need their memory refreshed Elmer Fudd is singing "kill the wabbit, kill the waabbit, kill the waaabbit". So they proceeded to start singing and whispering "be vewy, vewy, quiet" as they are tiptoeing to hunt the easter bunny.

This is my kind of humor. I know, it's sick. But SO funny! They did not do this around other kids. They know not to spoil the fun for other kids who play the Easter bunny game thinking that it is real. We play, but only for fun. At least someone shares my humor so I have someone to laugh with.


Amy said...

We could SO be friends! Vewy clever cartoons, aren't they?

melody said...

You wascally wabbit. I could play.