Friday, April 13, 2007

Knight and I have been sleeping in the living room again. For those who know us well, they know that this is a common thing whenever I rearrange the house so we don't have a tv in our bedroom. There was a study that proved that couples that don't have a tv in their bedroom have more "cuddle time" than those who have a tv. We don't have one at this time so we sleep in the living room quite often. So much for that stupid survey.

So last night we were actually going to go upstairs to bed. Not for cuddle time (at least that's not why I was going) but for a comfortable place to sleep. Then Desti got sick. Obviously I didn't want her in her bed that she shares with Rara so back to the living room I go. Knight decides he'll sleep in the living room again too. (Shucks, I was hoping for one night of the remote)

He turns on this unexplained mysteries thing on finding Noahs Ark. Desti and I submissively watch it without complaint. It gets over, we get excited. Maybe it will be something good now. He starts searching through the program guide and we start calling out programs that we would like. Knight tells Desti we can't have anything too exciting since it is late and we need to get to sleep. Then a Wallbuilders program starts. Knight loves Wallbuilders. Talks about the Christian history of our country. It's ok at times, but not at 11pm.

He starts watching and I start telling him how much better house hunters would be.

Knight "But this is great. It's our history. You can learn more to teach the kids. You love educational stuff. This is just perfect for you."

Desti- "But this is too exciting for me. We better shut it off."

Even when she is sick she is funny.


molly said...

Love it.
Desti cracks me up.

Amy said...

LOL! That is funny. My husband is constantly watching the History channel and I would much rather be watching the cooking channel! Sigh.

melody said...

Desti is sharp even in illness. Loved her come-back comment. :)

Hope she's feeling better.