Monday, April 16, 2007

Hey Everyone. Thank you for your kind words and prayers. In my sleepy stupor I hit the wrong button and accidentally rejected the comments I meant to accept. For those who left comments-Thank you so much. I really appreciate them and the prayers for Phil. I am including the emails from my mom to explain what is going on.

Hi everyone. Just a quick note. Phil is in the hospital because of stomach pain (the same stuff he had 2 years ago) He had agreed to stay for testing to rule out any heart problems because of the symptoms he was having. This was Saturday afternoon. He started getting more worked up as the night went on and after a stress test this morning at about 11pm he was short winded and had pain in his back. His motor skills were very poor, slurred speech, and unbalanced when trying to walk. He was insisting to go home and became more agitated as time went on. One Dr wanted to get a CT scan of the brain to rule out any brain tumors etc. This was at 2PM and he continued to worsen. He was moved to ICU at 5:30 and had to be restrained and respirated in order to get more tests done. Now they
think it's his appendix so they are prepping him for surgery now at 1PM. It will be a long night. I'll keep everyone updated but he is in no shape for phone calls or visitors. Good thoughts for Phil! Di

Hi All - The removal of the appendix went good. It had not ruptured but had infection around it. He is still sedated and ventalized for now so he can rest - he's been through so much. I can home for a bit and will try and rest. They will
call me before they wake him up. They won't know until that time if this was causing all his problems or if something else is going on. So far, the head scans have not showed anything serious going on there, but until he's awake we won't know how responsive he will be to anyone. I'm going to try and rest.

Your continued prayers for both of them is very appreciated. I will keep you updated.


Amy said...

Oh, I will definitely be praying for Phil and your mother too. I pray that this is the only thing that was wrong.

I'll check back in later to see if there is an update.

melody said...

Still saying my prayers. Take care.