Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I found these videos on a blog that I have been reading. I am enjoying the blog called Laughing Through the Tears and finding these videos came at a perfect time since I needed something to laugh about this weekend. It was a good weekend but pms was SO bad. When it gets that bad I really should just go away from this house for a couple days. Poor Knight. And we have three daughters he will have to go through this with too. I think he's secretly building a cabin for he and J-Bird to go and hide out in when the house gets full of hormonal girls.

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Amy said...

Well, I can't watch the videos because of dial up, but I am glad you stopped by my place! If you want a daily giggle fix please check out DeeDee at: www.fiddledeedee.net She's worth going back and reading her archives. She is just way too funny. She has a warped sense of humor like I do.

I have two daughters and we are all on the same cycle! Makes for a fun time around here. We call our son J-man by the way!

And yes, about blogging friends.. it's not like I am lacking friends, but I just love the blogging community. I have met so many inspiring christian women that give me hope and encouragement. It's like having penpals from all over the world!

Stop by anytime and I'll be sure and check back in!