Thursday, April 19, 2007

Here are the emails I have received from Mom in the last two hours.

Turn of events - Phil is back! He was still fighting things earlier this morning when they turned down his meds to wake him up a bit. They waited for the doctor to get here to get him more fully awake and he is following commands and is staying calm so if all goes well he should be able to get the breathing tube out soon - maybe a couple of hours. Gina and Becca are here but he doesn't seem to want us in the room - he won't look at us so I think he feels bad about the position he's in. I'll let you know when the tube is out and he feels like having people in the room. We're waiting in the waiting room - things looking up! I'll keep in touch. Love, Di

They took the tube out about 11:30 am and he's doing good so far. They were able to remove the straps so all is going great.Just a quick note for thumbs up - I'll keep you posted - Di

This all happened today. Yesterday when they tried to wake him up he got angry and tried to take a swing at mom. We know he wasn't aware of what was going on but it was discouraging for Mom and all of us to have him put under again. Today things are so great. Isn't God good???


melody said...

Yes, God is good. I'm happy to hear a good report and pray that Phil continues to improve.

I'm Toni. said...

That's great news, De. Praise God.